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Rounding Up 2023: DRYmedic Promotes Franchising Excellence in the Restoration Industry

December 26, 2023

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We’re celebrating the end of an exciting year for DRYmedic in the restoration industry! Check out our top highlights of 2023 to inspire your own franchising journey as we head into the new year. 

Awards & Recognition for DRYmedic in 2023

DRYmedic is a top franchise opportunity for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion!

DRYmedic is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the restoration industry. We are proud to be ranked among the 2023 Top Franchises for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion by Entrepreneur. 

Capitalizing on the Viability of the Restoration & Remediation Industry for Entrepreneurs

Restoration & Remediation featured Carlos Hesano, President of DRYmedic. He shared how franchising provides a path to opening a new restoration company without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Why did new franchise owners choose DRYmedic in 2023? 

DRYmedic welcomed 14 new franchise owners spanning more than 25 territories in 2023. Hear from our new franchisees on why they chose to franchise with us!

Franchise Support & Resources 

“My experience with the Authority Brands and DRYmedic teams has been very positive. They have all been very informative and welcoming. I’m eager to continue this journey with DRYmedic, embracing the support and resources of the franchise to build a successful business. I look forward to achieving great things while making a lasting mark in our community,” said Dan Gordon, owner of DRYmedic of Grand Rapids, MI

Opportunities for Family & Serving the Community

“As sisters, we’ve known for years we’ve wanted to own a business together and DRYmedic is making this dream a reality. Even better than proving to be a great fit for our business goals, the DRYmedic team truly made us feel like extended family. We hope our DRYmedic business will provide a solid foundation and financial freedom for our families while also serving the community in which we live. We’re honored to have this opportunity to own a business and pray we use this gift to bless others, especially those in a time of need,” said Brooke Yobo and Lindsay Keyser, owners of DRYmedic of Lakewood Ranch, FL

Diversifying Revenue Streams

“We chose DRYmedic because it seemed like a great way to continue the relationship with our clients. Now we can continue the relationship and resolve their emergencies past the plumbing issue,” said Matt Black, owner of DRYmedic of West Palm Florida and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of the Treasure Coast

Joining a Supportive Team

“We were very impressed with the support provided and we really feel like we are joining a team that wants to see us succeed and grow as much as we do,” said Melissa Caballero, owner of DRYmedic of Fairhope, AL.

Considering a franchise with DRYmedic? Check out our top resources from 2023!

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How can DRYmedic help you achieve your dreams in 2024?

If starting a business is one of your 2024 goals, DRYmedic offers clear steps to franchise ownership. Contact us today to learn more about the DRYmedic franchise opportunity.