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How Much Does It Cost to Start a Restoration Business?

December 11, 2023


Are you interested in starting your own restoration business? Franchising with DRYmedic can help you manage the costs of business ownership and leverage resources to grow your business. We’re breaking down the initial investment for a DRYmedic restoration franchise, including the value you receive as a franchise owner. 

How much does it cost to launch a DRYmedic restoration franchise?

DRYmedic offers a franchise opportunity in the rapidly growing restoration industry. As of our April 2023 FDD,the initial investment range for a DRYmedic franchise is between $133,500 and $317,000. For DRYmedic franchisees, the exact initial investment depends on a variety of factors, including market specifics, equipment costs, and more. 

If the initial investment for a DRYmedic franchise seems out of reach, there are ways to make the costs more manageable. There are several funding options and exclusive discounts available for entrepreneurs looking to start a DRYmedic franchise. Our franchise owners have used financing such as:

  • Franchisor funding
  • Traditional bank loans
  • SBA loans provided by the United States Small 
  • Business Administration
  • Home equity line of credit (HELOC loans)
  • And more 

“There are several options for new owners to fund their DRYmedic franchise that can make the initial investment more manageable. Our team will go through all your options and exclusive discounts, working with you to find the right solution for your business.”

David Montanez, Vice President – Franchise Development, Authority Brands

What is included in your initial franchise investment?

With franchising, your operational framework, marketing collateral, and business software are already in place. This significantly cuts down on the time it takes to launch your DRYmedic business and start providing restoration services to your community. 

Your initial investment for your DRYmedic franchise covers several key components of your business, including the franchise fee, vehicle costs, and equipment. To secure your DRYmedic franchise, there is an initial franchise fee of $45,000, and initial equipment packages can range from $65,000 to $165,000. Other costs associated with your initial investment can include rent, software, signage, and more. 

Are any discounts available for DRYmedic restoration franchise owners?

Exclusive franchise discounts are available with DRYmedic. If you are a veteran, minority, or woman, we offer various discounts due to our International Franchise Association (IFA) membership, including the IFA’s VetFran® and DiversityFran® Program.

  • 30% reduced Franchise Fee and Territory Fee for all honorably discharged veterans of American and Canadian armed forces*
  • Reduced franchise fee of $5,000 for minority and women-owned businesses*

*These discounts are for the first franchise only. Discounts may not be combined.

What benefits do DRYmedic restoration franchise owners receive?

Investing in a DRYmedic franchise is not just about the initial costs to start a restoration business. It is important to consider the ongoing value you receive as a franchise owner. DRYmedic franchisees gain access to comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a variety of tools and resources to launch and grow their business. As a DRYmedic franchise owner, you can expect:

  • Initial & Ongoing Training: Classroom instruction and hands-on field training with experienced technicians ensures you have the tools and skills needed to run your franchise.
  • Networking Opportunities: Access our network of other DRYmedic franchisees who can provide a wealth of knowledge. Lean on their experiences as you launch and manage your business.
  • Marketing & Operational Support: Proven business and marketing plans enable you to ramp up your business quicker by relying on systems that have worked for other franchisees.
  • Hiring & Retention Tools: Leverage resources to hire the right employees and retain high-performing team members.
  • And More: At DRYmedic, we are committed to your business and continually expand our support and training to help you grow your business. 

Learn More About the DRYmedic Restoration Franchise Investment 

We want to hear from you! Our DRYmedic team is ready to guide you through the franchise Discovery Process, explaining the franchise investment in greater detail. 

Reach out to us today with any questions about investing in a DRYmedic restoration franchise.