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DRYmedic Differentiators: What You Gain from Franchising

August 28, 2023


Embarking on the journey of starting a new business is no small feat. It’s an investment of not just your time and money, but also your aspirations and dreams. If you’re seeking greater confidence in the path to starting your restoration business, consider the unique benefits that come with franchising through DRYmedic. 

This isn’t just about launching a new business; it’s about joining a network that provides unparalleled support and industry-leading tools to help you realize your business goals.

1. Franchise in a Recession-Resistant Industry

The restoration industry is worth an estimated $210 billion and growing, according to the Homeowners Insurance Industry Underwriting Expenses (2021). Weather-related disasters are becoming more frequent and causing significant property damage. At the same time, an aging population has led to older homes that are more susceptible to damage. These factors lead to a stable industry able to withstand the ups and downs of economic changes. 

“The restoration industry provides stability and growth that other industries can’t match. Franchising offers unique and exciting opportunities, and the potential is unlimited for DRYmedic owners.”

Carlos Hesano, Brand President, DRYmedic 

2. Launch Your Business from Home or a Warehouse

DRYmedic redefines the startup landscape. There is no need for a sprawling office space or prime real estate to start your business venture. By franchising with DRYmedic, you have the option to begin your restoration business from home and secure a commercial site as your business grows. This innovative approach can help reduce your initial investment and alleviate the pressure of finding commercial space when starting a business.

3. Implement a Customized Operational Workflow

Building and managing efficient business operations often involves trial and error. Yet, these operations are crucial for sales and profits. DRYmedic simplifies this process by offering a robust foundation from day one. By franchising, you unlock access to in-depth management systems and operational software, complete with customizable workflows, ensuring efficiency is at the heart of your business.

4. Generate Multiple Revenue Streams & Referral Sources

DRYmedic franchise owners are able to offer a variety of restoration services and generate multiple revenue streams. You can scale your service offerings to align with your business goals, team growth, and territory. Potential revenue streams for DRYmedic franchises include:

  • Water and flood restoration
  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Contents cleaning and restoration
  • Storm damage repair
  • Reconstruction and building 

Furthermore, you can build relationships with a variety of referral sources to elevate your business. You will have the tools and resources you need to connect with local insurance agents, home service companies, and other contacts to establish key connections in your community. 

5. Access On-Demand and In-Field Training

Whether you are new to the industry or have restoration experience, continuous training can help you gain a competitive advantage. From new technology to foundational topics, DRYmedic provides comprehensive and ongoing training for franchise owners. Our team also supports you as you become IICRC certified and gain valuable industry knowledge. 

Training from DRYmedic also extends to your team. Classroom instruction and hands-on field training with experienced technicians ensures you and your team have the skills needed for every job. Providing training and development for your technicians can help you retain high-performing employees and build a well-rounded workforce.

6. Offer Flexible Financing for Customers

Property damage is not just a physical burden; it’s an emotional and financial one too. As a DRYmedic franchise owner, you have the power to alleviate these worries for your customers. Through flexible financing options, you can make a tangible difference in their lives. Partnering with DRYmedic means addressing restoration needs without amplifying financial burdens, ensuring peace of mind during trying times.

7. Dedicated Marketing Department 

How can you make sure your business reaches the right customers? You can pay monthly consultant fees to manage your marketing strategy and spend, or you can rely on our experienced marketing team by franchising with DRYmedic. Our team is ready to guide you through the launch of your business and beyond with comprehensive marketing tools and resources. 

“Franchising takes years of experience and bundles it up. Instead of paying thousands each month for consultants, you have professionals leading you through marketing, jobsite performance, billing best practices, training your team, and limiting costly mistakes.”

Ben Gergis, Vice President of Integration, DRYmedic

Partner with DRYmedic to Launch Your Restoration Business

The restoration industry, with its unwavering stability and growth, presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch their own business. By partnering with DRYmedic through franchising, you gain not just resources, but a dedicated support system and national brand. 

The journey ahead is exciting, and DRYmedic is ready to help you seize every opportunity. Contact us today to learn more about starting your restoration business.